Rotation Structure


One – 6 week block of General Surgery

GWUH: Blades, Adkins, DePalma & Giordano




Two – 2 week blocks of Surgical specialties

Orthopedic Surgery: GWUH

Otolaryngology: GWUH, HCH

Plastic Surgery: GWUH

Urology: GWUH

Vascular Surgery: GWUH 

Work Hours Policy 

  1. Overnight call will not exceed every 4th night, on average.
  2. You should have one day off in seven, on average over the four weeks. This may mean that you have a full weekend off every two weeks.
  3. All GW general surgery call schedules are created by the department and Dr. Ruben creates the schedule for students at HCH. Students are responsible for giving their finalized call schedule to their residents so that they know who to page at night.
  4. There will be NO OVERNIGHT CALL for University holidays, the day before Student Academic Day, the Practical examination and the NBME examination.
  5. You are expected to take call during the weekend between your General Surgery rotation and the surgical specialties.
  6. You are expected to go home by 6:00 PM when not on call. Students are responsible for transferring care of patients to students on call or to their residents. Students should make their team aware of the time of which they need to leave well in advance.
  7. Students must average 1 day off in 7 days or 2 days off in 14 days. You go home post-call at 8:00 AM after being on call. Students also have the option of staying for interesting cases, clinic, etc. if you so desire. There will be no extra bonus points for students who do stay post call. Similarly, there will be no detrimental consequences if you decide to go home post call. These hours are not included in your duty hours.
  8. All students are required to log in their duty hours 100% on MedHub by Tuesday night each week.  If a student is less than 100% logged, he/she will not be able to sit for that week's quiz and will receive an automatic zero with no opportunity to make up the quiz.  This rule is non-negotiable.